About The Simple Lifestyle

The philosophy behind The Simple Lifestyle has been in the works for a lifetime. As a teen and college student, I struggled with two sides of myself. On the one hand, I understood that I didn’t need to live in a large house, or have a lot of extravagant things, to have a happy life. I had experienced both good times and bad times growing up. I found that my most treasured experiences involved simple memories with my family–not fancy presents, not exciting visits to theme parks or expensive places. Instead, my favorite childhood moments centered around loved ones. My family playing games together, laughing about something inconsequential, or watching a movie together in the basement…these were the best memories for me. This is the life I wanted to give my own children someday. A simple, meaningful life.

On the other hand, I struggled with impulse buying, purchasing too many clothes and knick knacks, and generally losing myself in retail therapy. “Things” made me happy–or so I thought. But after several years of making money and losing it again, I realized I was no better off than if I’d never bought all those possessions.

I decided to turn things around for our family. By this time, I was married with a toddler. As a family, we decided to pursue a different mindset than the “more-more-more” values we saw around us. I stumbled upon the concept of minimalism, and realized I could make it my own. After a lot of research, comparison, and thought, I developed my sense of laid-back minimalism. This is the mindset I bring to my life today.

We don’t always follow these new values. We do sometimes buy things that we don’t need. But we have found deeper meaning and contentment in our family and home by rejecting materialism as a philosophy. Our goal is to have a simple, rich, deep home life–with close relationships as the focal point. I am excited to share what we’ve tried, and hear how it works for you.

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